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CIRCLE-2 is a European Network of 34 institutions from 23 countries committed to fund research and share knowledge on climate adaptation and the promotion of long-term cooperation among national and regional climate change programmes.
What has been funded in adaptation research in Europe? Which were the most funded sectors? What has been the research funding evolution? And what about funding similarities between European countries?The report analyses the last decade of adaptation research in Europe. It aims to provide insight into the complex mosaic of adaptation research supported by different national case studies. [+]
The CIRCLE-2 Climate Adaptation Frontiers Conference took place between 10-12 March 2014 in Lisbon Portugal. This conference marked the end of the CIRCLE-2 ERA-Net project and 10 years of European cooperation in Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation research. [+]
Dear colleagues,
On behalf of the editors it is a pleasure to announce the publication of the book ‘Adapting to an Uncertain Climate - Lessons from Practice’ which I believe can be relevant and useful to your work. [+]