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CIRCLE-2 is a European Network of 34 institutions from 23 countries committed to fund research and share knowledge on climate adaptation and the promotion of long-term cooperation among national and regional climate change programmes.
Dear colleagues,
On behalf of the editors it is a pleasure to announce the publication of the book ‘Adapting to an Uncertain Climate - Lessons from Practice’ which I believe can be relevant and useful to your work. [+]
You are invited to participate in this short and anonymous survey that will help us understand users’ needs in Europe with regard to seasonal to decadal climate predictions (from a month up to 10 years into the future). [+]
The event will bring together the global scientific marine community, funding agencies, policy makers, NGOs and other stakeholders, providing a dynamic forum to discuss the key issues facing oceans research today. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the latest issues and developments in marine research and innovation projects, as well as form partnerships, network and hear about funding opportunities. [+]