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Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain

Acronym: MINECO

Country: Spain

Role in CIRCLE-2: Co-leader WP FUND and leader Task 3.3



MINECO is a research and development unit acting under the Spanish Government. The Ministry was established in 2008, before it was the Ministry of Education and Science, and before that the Ministry of Science and Technology. The goal of the research and scientific activities of the Ministry is to develop the scientific basis for policies and strategies aimed at sustainable development of the environment, and, in particular, the impacts of climate change. It also provides a bridge between researchers and decision makers in government organisations and business. A new General Directorate of International Affairs to increase the already active policy for international cooperation was established in 2008. Besides bilateral agreements, funding for interchange of personnel, etc., the Ministry is highly concerned in the construction of the European Research Area.

The Spanish research is mainly funded by the MINECO through the National Plans of Research, Development and Technological Innovation. These plans have durations of four years with annual public and competitive calls which are peer-reviewed. The 2008-2011 National Plan has evolved to 13 different Programmes dealing on different aspects, namely Basic Research, Applied Research, Innovation, Scientific Infrastructures and Science Internationalization. The applicant has to identify the objective of the proposal from several options, one of which is Climatic Change.

MINECO is an active partner in 40 ERA-NETS, having invested 28.6 Million EURO on joint calls. MINECO was an Observer in CIRCLE CA. Started in CIRCLE-2 as Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) and changed it name to MINECO in 2012.

Key Personnel

Guillermo Guillermo Morales Rodríguez
Sandra Garcia

Former Personnel

photo José-María Sánchez-Puelles
Begona Artinamo
Pulido Antonio Pulido Bosch