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Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University, Portugal


Acronym: FFCUL

Country: Portugal

Role in CIRCLE-2: Coordinator, WP and Task leader for LEAD

Webpage 1:

Webpage 2:


FFCUL is a non-profit foundation supporting research management for the Faculty of Sciences - University of Lisbon (FCUL). It currently manages more than 200 basic and applied research projects and coordinates the activities of more than 600 PhD members distributed over 10 units. CCIVA science and research coordination represents an important share of its activities.

FFCUL was responsible for the first Portuguese integrated assessment of Climate Change Impacts and Vulnerabilities (SIAM Phases I and II) and is now coordinating several CCIVA national and regional research programmes. It currently manages the participation in 45 large European projects including European FP6's CIRCE and 2-FUN. It is also responsible for managing projects under INTERREG, COST and other funding schemes.

The Foundation is well experienced in joint cooperation via its contribution to 11 major National (e.g. French GICC), European (e.g. CERN) and International programmes (e.g. CYTED and UN COPUOS). Its involvement in CIRCLE CA is closely linked with the original Portuguese participation, firstly as a manager organisation and later as full contractor for the ERA-Net.

Key Personnel

photo Tiago Capela Lourenço - Coordinator
photo Filipe Duarte Santos - Senior Expert
photo David Avelar - Communication management
Ana Gomes - Cooperation management
Ana Rovisco - Cooperation management


Andreia Sousa - Cooperation management


Ângela Antunes - Secretariat
photo Carla Marques - Administrative/Financial management
photo Lívia Moreira - Administrative/Financial management
photo Sofia Cordeiro - EurOcean (sub-contract)
Laura Valkeasuo Laura Valkeasuo - External observer