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Uncertainties in decision-making processes: Will guidelines help do the trick?



Tiago Capela Lourenço (FFCUL / CIRCLE-2)

Ana Rovisco (FFCUL / CIRCLE-2) 



The CIRCLE-2 - Joint Initiative on Climate Uncertainties is dedicated to the issue of dealing with and communicating climate and climate change uncertainties in support of adaptation decision-making. One of the main goals of the initiative is to develop and publish ‘Guidance' on uncertainty in adaptation decision-making supported by practical case-study examples where dealing with uncertainties was successfully accounted for (or identified but failed).

This session will be dedicated to the presentation and discussion of a draft version of this ‘Guide' in order to ensure that it is tailored to meet the goals of decision and policy-makers. This will be accomplished by breakout groups and interactive voting processes. See point "Outline of the session" for more details.




  • Roger Street
  • Annemarie Groot 
  • Leendert van Bree
  • Tiago Capela Lourenço
  • Ana Rovisco

Links & Documents

Download the session outcomes

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