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Share and use information on climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation strategies and actions (science-policy-practice) on a European, transnational and national level scale


This session is co-organized with the European Environment Agency (EEA)


André Jol (EEA)

Sabine McCallum (EAA)



After publication by the EU White Paper on climate change adaptation, mainstreaming of adaptation in EU policies has gained momentum and will continue with the upcoming adoption of the EU Adaptation Strategy. Sixteen member countries of the European Environment Agency (EEA) adopted national adaptation strategies and some have national action plans in place.

CIRCLE‐2 has been focusing on transnational knowledge and information sharing in relationto national and regional strategies, plans and diverse adaptation efforts. The European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate‐ADAPT) was developed and launched in March 2012 as a joint activity between the European Commission and the EEA. It is a public accessible,web‐based platform, designed to support policy‐makers at EU, national, regional and local levels in the development of climate change adaptation measures and policies.

The aim of this session is to explore how sharing of information on climate change impacts,vulnerability and adaptation across Europe can be improved by involving researchers (‘providers'), boundary organisations (e.g. EEA), networks (e.g. CIRCLE‐2) and policy-makers.    




  • Stéphane ISOARD (European Environment Agency - EEA)
  • Markus LEITNER (Environment Agency Austria, EAA / CIRCLE-2)
  • Andrea PRUTSCH (Environment Agency Austria, EAA)
  • Szymon TUMIELEWICZ (Ministry of Environment, Poland)
  • Sergio CASTELLARI (Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici, CMCC,Italy)