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Climate Change Adaptation in MOUNTain areas on a transnational scale



Markus Leitner (EAA / CIRCLE-2)
Stephane Isoard (EEA)

Session Summary


Mountains cover 36% of Europe's area and are home to 17% of the continent's population. Climate change in particular may change the capacity of mountain landscapes to generate wealth and to provide a good livelihood. 
Such impacts will add further pressure to both social and natural systems in these regions, stressing the need to promptly conduct proactive climate adaptation plans. Due to its transnational relevance, climate change response policies in MOUNTain areas must emphasis multilateral research efforts that are able to include the biophysical, social, cultural and economic aspects of these regions. Research on climate adaptation in these areas, including its socio-economic aspects, are thus of prime interest for several European countries with relevant mountainous systems (CIRCLE-2 MOUNTain efforts).

This session shall highlight and compile the knowledge gained over the past years and give insights into ongoing adaptation efforts (e.g. CIRCLE-2 MOUNTain). It shall also highlight why transnational efforts are necessary and what role was played in the last years in the field of climate change adaptation.

We aim to reflect on the role of transnational collaboration and added value to national efforts focussing on e.g. CIRCLE-2 MOUNTains.




  • Markus Leitner (Environment Agency Austria-EAA): CIRCLE-2 Mountain/MRI Europe
  • Susanne Menzel (WSL - Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research): C3-Alps
  • Sandor Szalai - Adaptation in the Carpathians
  • Ingeborg Auer  (Austrian Met Service - ZAMG): HistAlp
  • Gabriel Borràs Calvo (OPCC) - Climate change adaptation in the Pyrenees