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Adaptation in Europe in practice: how do they do it?





What's the Inspiration Book? - PRESENTATION

Marjolein Pijnappels (CIRCLE-2, Netherlands)

What's CIRCLE-2 & Why an Inspiration Book- PRESENTATION

David Avelar (CIRCLE-2, Portugal)


Invited speakers presentations (PechaKucha methodology

Teaching sustainability by being sustainable - PRESENTATION

David Singleton (United Kingdom)

Green deserts in Spain - PRESENTATION

Sven Kallen (Spain)

The green roof philosophy of Copenhagen - PRESENTATION

Dorthe Rømø (Denmark)

Citizens mobilised: creating a blue-green corridor in the city - PRESENTATION

Marie-Edith Ploteau (Germany)

Combining energy production and food production in one place - PRESENTATION

Christian Dupraz (France)

Ventilation corridors Stuttgart - PRESENTATION

Ulrich Reuter (Germany)  


Final discussion

(General questions to the participants and speakers) - KEY MESSAGES






During this session project leaders of six bold, innovative and inspiring projects explained how they managed to implement the measures. Learn how projects managed to inspire individual households to contribute time and money in the construction of adaptation measures, how no-regret measures are taken that immediately yield positive results in the current situation and how areas are transformed in climate proof, high-quality surroundings. There was opportunity to ask these field experts how they managed to organise and bring about their projects, and discuss challenges. The case studies are part of the ERAnet CIRCLE-2 programme's Adaptation Inspiration Book, which was freely distributed during the conference.