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[CIRCLE-2] Workshop "Cross-sectoral Vulnerability, Risk and Economic Assessments of Climate Change Impacts – What is needed for adaptation strategies?"

11 February 2014

Adaptation strategies are based on vulnerability, risk or economic assessments aiming at identifying and evaluating climate change impacts of concern. Assessing climate change impacts is often regarded as prerequisite for decision makers to invest in responsive measures. Methodological approaches used for such assessments in Europe so far range from purely qualitative-descriptive to mainly quantitative ones such as economic valuation. All of them have advantages and limitations; and they have to meet the challenges to deal with uncertainty and to make normative decisions. Because of the complexity of the theme, the results of such assessments as well as the expectation of the decision makers vary and often they do not fit together. 

Objective: to bring together scientists and officers of authorities, who develop cross-sectoral vulnerability and risk assessments as well as economic impact valuation to support adaptation strategies and their implementation process. We will discuss results of recent studies and their limitations concerning policy support. 

Venue: Berlin, Germany

OrganizerEnvironment Protection Agency Germany (UBA-D)Environment Agency Austria (EAA) and Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland (FOEN)

Announcement: HERE

Agenda: HERE

Accomodation: HERE