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Adaptation Strategies


It is reasonable to state that adaptation to climate change is currently at the top of the agenda of many governments across the world and will be regarded as a European and national necessity over the coming years and decades.

Until recently, the focus of policy related explicitly to climate change was largely geared towards enhancing mitigation efforts. Assessments of climate change impacts and vulnerability have highlighted the fact that European countries are vulnerable to the effects of climate change and require adaptive action (EEA, 2008 in Swart et al, 2009).

Increasingly, therefore, society and policy-makers are making preparations to counter adverse impacts and initiating dedicated adaptation action. Such adaptation action, which may be anticipatory, autonomous or planned, includes both national and regional adaptation strategies (NAS and RAS) as well as practical steps taken at community level or by individuals (Swart et al, 2009).

Source: Environment Agency Austria/Leitner, 2010


Lines of Evidence

Expert Views

Experts opinion about the Area of Interest giving an overview of the priority of this area.
  • Roger Street (UKCIP, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford) [READ MORE]
  • Peter Höppe (Geo Risks Research/Corporate Climate Centre, Munich Re) [READ MORE]
  • Margaret Desmond (Environment Protection Agency, Ireland) [READ MORE]
  • David Bresch (Head Sustainability & Political Risk Management, Swiss Re) [READ MORE]
  • Julian Wright (Environment Agency, UK) [READ MORE]

CIRCLE-2 Ongoing activities

The CIRCLE-2 past activities that were related with the area. [READ MORE]

Links to other initiatives

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has compiled national efforts in the perspective of adaptation strategies under the link

Within the European Climate Adaptation Platform, relevant knowledge on adaptation Efforts within Member States will be provide via the portal - subpage.

The latest UNFCCC national communication 2010 give an overview of efforts taken towards adaptation strategies on diverse levels, for detailed information, please see