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[CIRCLE-2] Workshop "Adaptation Platforms in Europe: Addressing challenges and sharing lessons"

7 to 8 November 2013

The intention is to provide an opportunity for these managers and developers to learn from the experiences and lessons of others and to identify and consider means of addressing the challenges they are facing. This would include consideration of what do managers and developers need, how to address user needs and what are the challenges and opportunities they want to see addressed.

Adaptation web-based platforms can be seen as means of sharing information including experiences and the results of adaptation research and practice undertaken within a country or a region across countries. Through this workshop, CIRCLE-2 would also like to explore specifically the knowledge gaps and challenges related to using web-based platforms for disseminating research results, and communicating findings and knowledge related to adaptation. This exploration is also intended to identify where and how it will be important to prioritize related research funding.

Organizers: Roger Street (UKCIP, Great Britain), André Jol (EEA), Carin Nilsson (SMHI, Sweden), Jose Ramon Picatoste (Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, Spain), Markus Leitner (EAA, Austria), Andreia Sousa (CIRCLE-2 coordination, FFCUL, Portugal) and Sergio Castellari (CMCC, Italy)

Venue: Vienna, Austria  

Pre-announcement: HERE

Draft Agenda: HERE

Poster Guidelines: HERE

More Information HERE

Venue + Hotels: HERE