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Coordination Unit for Research in Climate Change Adaptation, Aarhus University, Denmark



Acronym: AU-KFT

Country: Denmark

Role in CIRCLE-2: Contributing Partner



Coordination Unit for Research in Climate Change Adaptation (in Danish: Koordineringsenhed for Forskning i klimatilpasning - KFT) is established under The Danish government's "Strategy for Adaptation to a changing Climate". KFT is mandated to strengthen the coordination of national research activities in the context of climate change adaptation, to ensure that synergies across a broad range of different research areas are harvested. KFT is a joint endeavour by the National Environmental Research Institute at the Aarhus University, the Danish Meteorological Institute, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), University of Copenhagen and Denmark's Technical University. KFT refers to an inter-ministerial "Coordination Forum on Adaptation" and provides science based knowledge to a national web portal on climate adaptation hosted by the the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy.

The coordination unit aims to collate and transfer knowledge within all Danish (and international) research areas that work on the issue of climate change adaptation, and to help coordinate information access at the science-policy interface. This activity builds on strong cooperation across a wide range of scientific disciplines as well as regular interaction with both the policy-makers and other stakeholders. In addition the Coordination unit foster national and international networks; identify and describe knowledge gabs as input for future strategic research programmes.

The KFT staff-members have a long record of relevant research management and coordination and specifically the Danish Meteorological Institute was Observer in the CIRCLE CA.

Key Personnel

Anja Skjoldborg Hansen


Lise Lotte Sørensen

Former Personnel

photo Lars Moseholm
Henning Hogh Jensen
photo Svend Binnerup