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Research Council of Norway, Norway


Acronym: RCN

Country: Norway

Role in CIRCLE-2: Contributing Partner



The Research Council of Norway is the single research council in Norway and covers all fields of science and forms of research. It plays a vital role in developing and implementing the country's national research policy. It act as: a government adviser, identifying present and future needs for knowledge and research; a funding agency for independent research programmes and projects, strategic programmes at research institutes, and Norwegian participation in international research programmes; a coordinator, initiating networks and promoting cooperation between R&D institutions, ministries, business and industry, public agencies and enterprises, other sources of funding, and users of research.

The primary objective of the NORKLIMA programme is to generate vital new knowledge about the climate system, about climate trends in the past, present and future, and about the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on the natural environment and society, as a basis for adaptive responses by society. The Research Council of Norway funds and coordinates the research programme. RCN is responsible for the application procedure, establishment of international research funding cooperation, funding of the research projects, implementation and the operative coordination of the programme.

RCN is an experienced actor in bilateral and multilateral international research programme cooperation and has gained experience in several ERA-Nets.

Key Personnel

photo Stine Madland Kaasa
photo Gørill Kristiansen