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Latvian Academy of Sciences, Latvia


Acronym: LAS

Country: Latvia

Role in CIRCLE-2: Contributing Partner



LAS are the institution under the authority of the Ministry of Education and Science (MoES). The main tasks of the LAS are the favouring research in the basic and applied sciences, especially the interdisciplinary research. LAS are involved in the designing of Latvian science strategy as well as in the evaluation and monitoring of the Latvian state research programmes and projects. MoES has delegated LAS (Agreement from 01.02.2008) to implement the ERA-net projects of FP7 in Latvia.

The goal of research programme "Climate change impact on the environment in Latvia" is to assess the impact of climate change on the environment quality and ecosystems of the inland waters of Latvia and Baltic Sea. LAS is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of research programme.

The Latvian Academy of Sciences is an experienced actor in bilateral and multilateral international research programme cooperation. Latvian Academy of Sciences is well prepared for international research programme cooperation, which is the target of the ERA-NET scheme. LAS is partner in the following ERA-net projects: BONUS+ (Baltic Sea Reseach), Matera+, Smartgrids, Euragri, ICT-Agri, Wood-Widom Net-2, EuroNanoMed, Priomedchild. LAS arrange the Latvia's participation in the joint calls in ERA-NET networks. Besides ERA-Net projects LAS represents national government also in European Joint Initiatives, in COST, EUREKA and Eurostars.

Key Personnel

photo Maris Klavins
photo Dace Tirzite
photo Ieva Bruneniece