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Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland


Acronym: FOEN

Country: Switzerland

Role in CIRCLE-2: Contributing Partner

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FOEN is the federal government's centre of competence for environmental issues. It is part of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications DETEC. In accordance with the sustainability strategy of DETEC, the FOEN pursues the following goals:

  • long-term preservation and sustainable use of natural resources (land, water, forests, air, climate, biological and landscape diversity) and elimination of existing damage;
  • protection of the public against excessive pollution;
  • protection of the public and significant assets against natural hazards.

In order to reach these goals, the FOEN has been assigned the following responsibilities:

  • to monitor the environment with a view to providing a sound basis for the management of resources;
  • to support the decision-making process on policies regarding the sustainable management of natural resources and the prevention of natural hazards;
  • to implement and support implementation of legislation, and to inform the public on the state of the environment and on the appropriate use and protection of natural resources.

FOEN is responsible for the development and implementation of the Swiss climate policy. As a consequence to the improved scientific understanding communicated, e.g., by the IPCC and the OcCC, FOEN started to develop a national strategy for the adaptation to climate change. FOEN is an Observer in the research program NCCR Climate, sponsors and is a member of the committee of the program OcCC and is the program coordinator of the program National Adaptation Strategy.

FOEN has gained experience as an Observer in the CIRCLE CA.

Key Personnel

photo Roland Hohmann