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a) Ensure high quality project management and coordination, day-to-day administration of activities and compliance with the workplan. Provide fast involvement of new CIRCLE-2 Partners and Contributing Partners and serve as contact point for other networking organisations.

b) Monitor and report CIRCLE-2 progress and control administrative, financial and timeline related issues. Assure the quality of the project's outputs and of all CIRCLE-2 related initiatives. Manage any potential risks and assure contingency actions.

c) Develop an integrated communication strategy and support effective and efficient management of communications. Develop CIRCLE-2's corporate image and promote the dissemination of its activities, contents and outputs. Provide technical support throughout the project's life-time.

Description of work

Work package Leader: FFCUL

Duration: 48 months

Starting date: May 2010

LEAD connects all elements of CIRCLE-2 and ensures the administration of the project's Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement providing the legal basis for the internal relationship and responsibilities among the consortium.

The Coordinator (FFCUL) set up a project coordination unit supported by an administrative and financial secretariat. The coordinator is responsible for this unit, represents CIRCLE-2 and acts as contact point for the European Commission.

A clearly defined decision making structure is set up taking into account previous experience. The Coordinator, together with the Executive Board, fosters the fast integration of new members and ensures that the adopted coordination mechanisms allow for a balanced participation among all participants. 


Work package LEAD is divided in 3 Tasks:

Task 1.1: CIRCLE-2 Project management and Coordination

Work package Leader: FFCUL

The main governing body and decision making of the project will be the Executive Board. An Advisory Board will be set up to support the consortium in the strategic development of contents and initiatives.

LEAD will serve as operational support for both committees and the Coordinator will be responsible for its liaison with the European Commission and with the external environment of CIRCLE-2. Linkages between all Work packages will be carried out by the Work packages Leaders represented in the Executive Board, under the supervision of the Coordinator.

Strategic guidance towards CIRCLE-2 objectives as well as its progress monitoring will benefit from professional and modern communication tools developed and applied during the project's lifetime. Further knowledge management tools to disseminate information across Work packages will be employed using both on-site (e.g. Executive Board Meetings) and virtual (e.g. extranet) features. 

Task 1.2: CIRCLE-2 progress monitoring, reporting and guidance

Work package Leader: FFCUL

Work progress monitoring at Work package and Task level will be supervised by the Executive Board and corrective actions will be taken, if deemed necessary. The Executive Board will also monitor ethical issues, society issues and particularly aim at assuring gender equality during CIRCLE-2.

The coordinator will supervise reporting and auditing obligations in accordance to the Grant Agreement provisions. Any risk to the proposed work plan and objectives will be managed (by the Coordinator) accordingly to the contingency plans.

Within the second half of CIRCLE-2, the consortium will develop and document a common vision for the continuation of the ERA-Net. Explicit support from the Advisory Board will be sought out for such future vision development. This vision will form the basis for continuing the collaboration and will be developed in close coordination with all interested CIRCLE-2 members. 

Task 1.3: CIRCLE-2 integrated communication strategy and management

Work package Leader: FFCUL

A CIRCLE-2 integrated communication strategy will be developed during the first stages of the ERA-Net. It will support an effective and efficient communication management during the whole duration of the project and possibly beyond. An extended information system will provide high quality communication channels for both internal and external use.

All CIRCLE-2 Partners and Contributing Partners will be responsible for content development, quality monitoring and use of the developed materials. The Coordinator will have the responsibility of supervising the correct and effective use of the developed tools and task 1.3 will provide support to outreach activities carried out by the project.

Close attention will be paid to potential interactions between the CIRCLE-2 network and other external platforms and projects such as the European Commission's Clearing House on Impacts and Adaptation; the NETWACH system; the ERA-Net Learning Platform; and the several proposed national portals on climate adaptation.

CIRCLE-2 will have a refreshed corporate image while maintaining the identity and all promotional and dissemination materials as well as all project's activities, contents and outputs will carry this image. This Task will also provide technical support throughout the project's life-time including IT/web support.