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Italian Ministry for the Environment and Land and Sea, Italy


Acronym: IMELS

Country: Italy

Role in CIRCLE-2: Contributing Partner



The Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea/Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, in particular by means of Direction "Research and Sustainable Development" (RAS), promotes international and European agreements and projects of cooperation involving environmental aspect, and supports scientific researches, especially aimed at control and reduce the climate change phenomenology. The IMELS/RAS supports public or private research organisations for focused actions (e.g. CNR, INGV, ENEA, CMCC and University's scientific Departments), and promotes environmental programs and pilot actions, in cooperation with regional or local Italian government organisations.

Research programs and actions are created, and are financed, in the frame of a Governmental National Plan of Research, normally extended to several years. Usually the financing is done in collaboration with other Ministries, i.e. Min. of Research and University, Min. of Industrial Development, Min. of Health, Min. of Agriculture.

Most activities of research in progress involve different aspects related to control and reduction of the process of climate change, as the monitoring and provisional modelling, studies and modelling the Carbon cycle, the development of renewable sources, and the development of Carbon-free technologies for production of energy and for mobility.

IMELS has gained experience in the CIRCLE CA and has funded the CIRCLE MED call.

Key Personnel

photo Giuliana Gasparrini