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Basque Environmental Public Corporation – Department for the Environment, Spatial Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries - Government of the Basque Country, Spain


Acronym: IHOBE

Country: Spain (Autonomous Community of the Basque Country)

Role in CIRCLE-2: Contributing Partner

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Ihobe is a Public Society that works in the field of environmental protection and management. Its mission is to support the Department for the Environment, Spatial Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries of the Basque Government in developing its environmental policy and in spreading the culture of environmental sustainability in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (Spain).

Ihobe is working in climate change adaptation by collaborating with national and international structures: with the Spanish Office on Climate Change and the rest of the Autonomous Communities in the Technical Adaptation Group of the Committee on Policy Adaptation, as well as the interests groups on adaptation of the Network of European Environmental Agencies and the Network of Heads of European Nature Conservation Agencies, respectively. Moreover, Ihobe is one of the 11 OPCC partners as part of the European POCTEFA (France-Spain-Andorra Territorial Cooperation Programme), being also involved in the Pyrenees Adaptation Observatory, as lead partner and coordinator of the Spanish part of the biodiversity action.

At regional level, Ihobe is the Technical Secretariat of the Basque Climate Change Office of the Basque Government and, through the Basque Office on Climate Change, the stopCO2Euskadi platform, the first initiative in the fight against Climate Change launched in the Basque Country encompassing the activity of citizens, companies and public bodies. Its aims are to raise awareness among socio-economic stakeholders and to promote mitigation activities.

At the municipal level, Ihobe had prepared guidebooks on adaptation through the Udalsarea21 Network: a guide to address adaptation at the municipal level and another one on climate change criteria in urban planning.


Key Personnel

Ainhize Butrón


Former Personnel

photo Marian Barquin
photo Carlos Castillo
photo Ander Elgorriaga