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Ministry of Rural Development, Hungary


Acronym: MRD

Country: Hungary

Role in CIRCLE-2: Co-leader Task 2.1 in WP DESIGN



The Ministry of Rural Development encompasses a number of large specialist areas. The Ministry not only formulates government measures related to rural development, but also to the supervision of food retail chains, environmental protection and the agricultural economy.

The Ministry's main goals are the sustainable management of natural resources, diversity of rural land use, rural development and creating conditions for the safe and high-quality production and distribution of food products.

Improving quality of life for rural communities and increasing the competitiveness of the agricultural, food production and rural economies are basic preconditions for improving the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy as a whole. These require the reinforcement of rural and local economies and communities, as well as expansion of opportunities for work and income generation.

With regard to recent natural disasters, it is vital to develop central coordination of programmes, systems and institutions aimed at flood damage prevention and water/ drainage management, but environmental protection and the preservation of our natural assets are also priorities.

The abovementioned goals can only be realised if the specialist and research areas of each given field are developed. This includes research and innovation forming the intellectual infrastructure, as well as the creation and direction of conditions for specialist and adult education. Other basic conditions are an appropriate legal context, and the rational, up-to-date regulation of interrelationships between various specialist areas. Other routes towards development are the fostering of external links with representatives of specialist areas, the exchange of experience, and - in parallel with these - the broadening of dialogue within society.

The Ministry of National Development should also be mentioned because one of the high-priority tasks of The Minister of State for Climate and Energy Affairs is the development of related programmes at national and sector-based levels for energy strategies and the preparation of calls for funding and grant applications.

Key Personnel


Tasnády Szabolcs

Barbara Botos

Former Personnel


Evelin Hugyecz

Miklós Székely  
photo Sugárka Kelecsényi
photo Marianne Szabó Bazsáné