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The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning, Sweden


Acronym: FORMAS

Country: Sweden

Role in CIRCLE-2: Task member in several WP




FORMAS is a national research council, supports basic and applied research within the areas of environment, agricultural sciences and spatial planning. FORMAS promotes ecologically sustainable growth and development in society, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research as well as international research cooperation and exchange of experience. The Council is also responsible for information on research and research results. The aim of the work of FORMAS is to promote international contacts, to bring to Sweden new knowledge, new ideas and experiences, and to contribute to increased Swedish participation in international research cooperation. Important tasks within the European collaboration are: Promote Swedish interests in the EU framework programmes for research; Take and active part in ERA-NETs, where European research financers cooperate in trying to establish common calls for research projects.

The research of "Climate Change in Nature and Society" focuses on key research challenges of the future relating to the problems of impact and adaptation due to Climate Change in Nature and Society. FORMAS is responsible of application procedure and funding of the programme. FORMAS will also take part in establishing international collaboration, implementation and coordination of the programme.

FORMAS has gained experience in the CIRCLE CA and also in eight other ERA-Nets (Biodiversa, BONUS, CORE Organic, ERA-BUILD/ERACOBUILD, MariFish, PV-ERA-NET, Urban net and Wood Wisdom) and has been responsible for the preparation of such work related to FORMAS' own operations in Sweden.

Key Personnel

photo Elisabet Göransson