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German Aerospace Center - Project Management Agency Dept. "Environment, Culture, Sustainability", Germany


Acronym: PT-DLR

Country: Germany

Role in CIRCLE-2: Leader Task 4.2 in WP SHARE

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The agency is a service body providing support to several Federal Ministries in research funding and policy implementation. Its principal areas of work include education research, health and environmental research, funding programs in the humanities, information technology, multimedia and microelectronics, work environmental research as well as promoting gender equality in the sciences.

The project management agency PT-DLR provided 745 Million EURO to research institutions to realize 5900 individual research projects in 2008. The quality of the work of the PT-DLR is continuously monitored and certified according to ISO 9002 standards.

Lots of experience was gained by PT-DLR, as Work Package Leader in CIRCLE CA as well as coordinator and partner in many other ERA-Nets.

Key Personnel

Kirsten Hollaender

Former Personnel

Stephanie Janssen
Annete Munzenberg 

Gregor Laumann