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Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Sweden


Acronym: SEPA

Country: Sweden

Role in CIRCLE-2: Leader Task 4.3 in WP SHARE



SEPA is a central environmental authority under the Swedish Government. The main tasks are to co-ordinate and promote environmental work on both a national and international level. This is done by guiding and coordinating environmental protection, producing knowledge and information, by reporting on the state of the environment and by evaluating the efforts being made in various environmental fields. Our Environmental Code is an important tool. We also allocate funding for nature conservation, investments to limit greenhouse gas emissions and other commitments. SEPA has 11 Million EURO for environmental research, mainly performed in coordinated research programmes. The research programme CLIMATOOLS is funded by Swedish EPA and carried out by several universities, coordinated by Swedish Defence Research Agency.

SEPA supplies expert knowledge and proposals to central government in its national, EU and international work on environmental issues. Nationally the Agency regulates, sets standards and acts as a guide, coordinator and evaluator. Some 100 Swedish EPA employees are involved as experts and Swedish representatives in EU-related work and in international multilateral or bilateral cooperation. Lots of experience was gained by SEPA, as leader of WP GROUP in the CIRCLE CA and leader of the Nordic group. SEPA has also gained experience in the ERA-Nets IWRM NET, SUSPRISE, SNOWMAN, SKEP, BiodivERsA and BONUS.

Key Personnel

photo Marianne Lilliesköld
photo Carin Nilsson