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The Academy of Finland, Finland


Acronym: AKA

Country: Finland

Role in CIRCLE-2: Co-leader Task 2.3 in WP DESIGN



AKA is the prime funding agency for basic research in Finland. The Academy of Finland's mission is to advance scientific research and its application, support international scientific cooperation, act as an expert organ in science policy issues and allocate funding to research and other advancement of science. The Academy has actively participated in capacities within ERA-NETs and been responsible for the preparation of such work related to the Academy's own operations in Finland.

The research programme focuses on the key basic research challenges of the future relating to the problems of management and mitigation of climate change and ways of adapting to it. The Academy of Finland funds and coordinates the research programme. The Academy is responsible for the application procedure, establishment of international research funding cooperation, funding of the research projects, implementation and the operative coordination of the programme.

The Academy's expertise in matters such as international cooperation and arranging joint calls has been appreciated in ERA-NET networks. The Academy of Finland is an experienced actor in bilateral and multilateral international research programme cooperation. Collaborative programmes have been implemented, for example, in the form of joint calls, joint review processes as well as through funding for joint projects. The Academy has been well prepared for increased, broad-based and diverse programme cooperation, which is the target of the ERA-NET scheme. Coordination of research programmes and joint programmes will be strengthened in future and the Academy of Finland shall influence the objectives and contents of future programmes and participate in and coordinate programmes that are of importance to Finland.

Key Personnel

photo  Paavo-Petri Ahonen
photo Harri Hautala