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Del no.Deliverable nameWPDeliver date
D1.1-b Informational brochure containing CIRCLE-2 workplan, consortium and objectives LEAD June 2010
D1.3-b Updatable CIRCLE-2 outreach tool-kit, web-page & database LEAD January 2011
D2.1-a CIRCLE-2 factsheets series compilation report on relevant transnational, national and regional CCIVA research programmes and projects DESIGN

January 2014

D2.2-a Online CIRCLE-2 common CCIVA strategic research agenda and information package on prioritization criteria and ranking methodology DESIGN April 2012
D3.1-a CIRCLE-2 factsheets series compilation report on CIRCLE funded project's including an assessment of their scientific and policy relevance for knowledge end-users FUND

January 2014

D3.2-a Assessment report on identified barriers for transnational research initiatives and good practice options on how to overcome them FUND October 2013
D4.1-a CIRCLE-2 Workshop series and respective workshop's background papers and proceedings SHARE April 2014
D4.3-a Assessment report on the transferability of knowledge, data, methods and tools developed in CIRCLE-2's Partner and Contributing Partner countries SHARE December 2013


CIRCLE-1 deliverables:

List of relevant CIRCLE-1 CA (FP6) deliverables (2005-2009): 

Del no.Deliverable nameBrief description of content
Del. I a-1 Extended Country Report (state of art 2008/2009) Overview of pertinent national research programmes relevant for CIRCLE
Del.I c-1 Extended CCIVA Programme's Report (state of art: 2006) Provides excellent overview of european CCIVA programme administrative settings
Del. II a-1 Recomendations for transnational research cooperation (state of art: 2006) Provides insights from ERA-Net experts on barriers and opportunities for practical implementation of joint research initiatives
Del. II e-1 Mission-paper (state of art: 2008) Rationale on adaptation and good summarising results of CIRCLE-1
Del. III b-1 + 2 CIRCLE project clustering Workshops (including minutes) + annotated list of national projects Includes the outcomes of two clustering WSs (cost-benefit and Decision Support Systems)
Del. III c-1 Annotated country list of CCIVA related research facilities, centres & researchers (state of art: 2006/2007) Includes lists of: research facilities; centers of excellence; researchers
Del. IV a-1 Management framework for joint transnational research initiatives (state of art: 2008) Guidance on setting up joint calls all the way from planning to implementing.
Del. IV b-1 CIRCLE transnational joint research initiatives + topics (state of art: 2008) Summary of CIRCLE-1 joint initiatives, GROUP approach and includes a research topic list
Del. IV c-1 Project evaluation system for joint transnational research initiatives (state of art: 2007) Guidance on transnational project evaluation
Del. 1 a-3 CIRCLE Vision paper (state of the art: 2009) Transition to CIRCLE-2: research + knowledge + Joint program
Del. 3 x-1 CIRCLE's GROUP approach to transnational joint initiatives (state of the art: 2008) Guidance to setting up joint calls from CIRCLE GROUP level
Adapted from "König, M., Leitner, M. (2010) CIRCLE-1 deliverables and their relevance for CIRCLE-2"