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Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Sweden


Acronym: SMHI

Country: Sweden

Role in CIRCLE-2: Co-leader WP SHARE and co-leader Task 4.1

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SMHI is a government agency under the Ministry of the Environment. SMHI offers products and services that provide various kinds of enterprises and organisations with an important foundation for decision-making. General forecasts and weather warnings, industry-specific services, simulations and analyses, statistics, climate studies and contracted research are some examples. SMHI conducts government-funded operations, assignments from other agencies, and business operations. The role of the SMHI includes applied research on tools, data and stakeholder dialogues for decision-support. SMHI is present in national and international research and stakeholder arenas and represents Sweden in WMO, EUMETSAT and ECMWF. Today, SMHI supports the Swedish contributions to UNFCCC and IPCC.

SMHI is the programme managing organisation of the Swedish climate research programme, the Mistra-SWECIA (the SWEdish research programme on Climate, Impacts and Adaptation, since 2008), mandated for this by Mistra, the Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research. This programme is joining two universities and two research institutes, and further engages three additional research actors from Sweden and the UK. The first programme phase is scheduled for four years, 2008-2011, with an approximate annual budget of 1.1 Million EURO and involving more then 30 researchers.

SMHI is strategically placed at the research/stakeholder interface, being a governmental expert agency on weather, water, climate and environmental issues. SMHI continues to develop, refines and extends dialogue along the research/stakeholder interface, together with other contributing partners, bringing for its own part in Swedish, Nordic and EU-level experiences (e.g. PRUDENCE, CLIME, ENSEMBLES, DAMOCLES). In CIRCLE CA, SMHI has been subcontracted by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to support not least the Nordic Group's efforts. It has also served in the CIRCLE CA Advisory Board and contributed to the overall strategies of CIRCLE CA.

Key Personnel


Carin Nilsson

Former Personnel

photo Markku Rummukainen