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EUPORIAS survey on seasonal to decadal climate predictions users’ needs.

You are invited to participate in this short and anonymous survey that will help us understand users’ needs in Europe with regard to seasonal to decadal climate predictions (from a month up to 10 years into the future).

The survey can be accessed here:

The target of this survey are European organisations whose operations/activities are sensitive to weather/climate events and impacts. The sectors we're focusing on are the EUPORIAS ones: energy, water, agriculture, forestry, transport, emergency services, insurance, tourism, and health; although engaging with other sectors may also occur.

Such findings will help us to advance existing knowledge of users' needs with regard to this type of climate predictions but also potentially improve the provision of seasonal to decadal climate predictions in Europe and for organisations such as yours.

We would also ask you to please forward the link to this survey to any other organisations that you know and that may be of relevance to this study.

This survey is part of the EUPORIAS project ( funded by the European Commission.