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CIRCLE-2 final conference is being a success!

The CIRCLE-2 final conference entitled "Adaptation Frontiers - Conference on European Climate Change Adaptation" is taking place since yesterday, March 10th 2014, in Lisbon, Portugal.

The 3-days conference is dedicated to Adaptation-relevant research and practice. Around 220 participants (among researchers, decision makers, science communicators, practioners among others) from approximately 20 countries are attending the conference, clearly showing the relevance of Climate Change Adaptation in today's agendas. The live streaming of the plenary sessions is also contributing to the success of this event.



Opening Session


High level speakers participate at the conference, that counted with representatives from the European Commission - Kurt Vandenberghe (video message) and José Jimenez-Mingo, both from the Directorate General for Research and Innovation, Humberto Rosa from the Directorate General for Climate Action - and from the Portuguese Secretary of State of Environment - Pedro Lemos. Tiago Capela Lourenço, the project Coordinator and Filipe Duarte Santos, both from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon also made presentations at the Opening Session on March 10th, 2014.

A plenary session under the theme "Adaptation Research Challenges" and several parallel sessions also took place in the first day of the conference.


Plenary and Parallel Sessions and networking


The second day of the conference (March 11th, 2014) is also being a success and started with a plenary session on "CIRCLE-2 Joint Initiatives" as CIRCLE-MED and CIRCLE-MOUNT results, CIRCLE-2 Joint Initiative on Climate Uncertainties and CIRCLE-2 Climate Adaptation InfoBase. This session was followed by parallel sessions and ended with a plenary session under the theme "Adaptation Interfaces".


Live Sketching, gathering challenges and priorities and poster presentations


The conference will end tomorrow, March 12th 2014 with sessions oriented to discuss Adaptation policy contexts accoss Europe and to introduce some of the main messages resulting from the scientific programme of the previous conference days. The conference will end with a field programme taking place in Lisbon's historical downtown.


See the full programme here


For more information on the conference visit the conference website