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[CIRCLE-2] International workshop on "science-practice collaboration on climate change adaptation between Europe and low-income-countries"

29 January 2014

On 29 January 2014, the ERANET CIRCLE-2 and the German Development Institute will host an international expert workshop on "science-practice interactions for effective climate change adaptation: Identifying new approaches for collaboration between Europe and low-income-countries". The meeting will take place in Bonn, Germany.

With European research funds on climate change adaptation expected to increase considerably in the coming years, it is important to explore ways of spending this as effectively as possible, in particular through improving science-practice interactions for the benefit of effective adaptation in low-income countries. The workshop will address the following questions:


1.       How can the most relevant research questions for European research programming be identified with regard to climate change adaptation knowledge needs in low-income countries?

2.       How can research funders in European countries improve their support for the production of sound context-specific adaptation knowledge in low-income countries?

3.       How can experiences and knowledge in science-practice-interaction from low-income-countries be used to shape European funding programmes to develop mutual learning opportunities in science-practice-interface?


The workshop has been submitted as a CIRCLE-2/DIE Action Pledge in the context of the Nairobi Work Programme.  


Participation: by invitation only, but if you are interested to join the workshop, please contact the organizers ( and ) to explore if space is still available.

Venue: The meeting will take place in Bonn, Germany

Organizers: ERANET CIRCLE-2 and the German Development Institute

Backgrounf information and Agenda: Here