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Conference on Climate Change impacts on Water and Security in the Mediterranean: CLIMB & CLIWASEC Final Conference 

This Conference highlights the research findings on climate change impacts, water and security issues in the Mediterranean region. It brings together scientists, stakeholders and policy makers to discuss and exchange on related implications on policy and decision making from international, national and regional perspectives and provides recommendations on future research needs.

The Mediterranean region is experiencing a broad range of threats to water security. According to climate  projections, the region is at risk due to its pronounced susceptibility to changes in the hydrological budget and  extremes, which is expected to have strong impact on the management of water resources and on key strategic  sectors of regional economies. Related developments have  capacity to exacerbate tensions, and intra‐ and  inter‐state conflict among social, political, ecological and economic actors. Effective adaptation and prevention  policy measures call for multi‐disciplinary analysis and action. 

In order to better assess the manifold consequences and uncertainties in climate impact on man‐environment  systems, a  coordinated topic has been programmed  in EU‐FP7, bringing together the three projects CLICO  (SSH), WASSERMed (ENV) and CLIMB (ENV) to establish the research cluster CLIWASEC (Climate Change, Water  and Security; Goals of this activity were to improve scientific synergy and policy outreach  and  to  initiate  and  maintain  a  sound  and  successful  dissemination  process  on  regional,  national  and  international levels.   

Presentations and panel discussions will focus on a jointly delivered policy position paper, which will be  published in the course of the event.     

Venue: Representation of the Free State of Bavaria, Brussels

Draft Agenda: HERE

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