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Too much, Too Little: The Role of Water in Adaptation to Climate Change - Outcomes now available for download

From 7th to the 9th of October, CIRCLE-2 support the organization together with the Governments of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Portugal of a conference that addressed the role of water in adaptation to climate change. Now, all the outcomes are available for download.

More then 200 participants with differente nationalyties, bacgrounds and perspectives have contributed for the conference. The organizers have explored this diversity of participants, the science-policy interface environment and have included different artistics elements (e.g. Music, arts exibitors, liveskatching).

Some of the moments were recorded in livestreaming, and now it's possible to re-view it:

Here is the compilation of the outcomes, sorted chronologically: 


07th october 2013

Open Music lyrics 

High Level Segment 

09:00h – 09:15h Portuguese National Adaptation Strategy and EEA Programme AdaPT

 Nuno Lacasta; Portuguese Environment Agency, Portugal - PRESENTATION


09:15h – 09:30h The Role of EEA Grants in the Support for Adaptation

 Rune Vistad; Head of Sector at FMO - PRESENTATION 


09:30h – 09:50h Opening Speech

Audun Garberg; Political Adviser to the Norwegian

 Minister for the Environment, Norway - PRESENTATION


09:50h – 10:10h Opening Speech

Jorge Moreira da Silva; Minister of Environment,

 Spatial Planning and Energy, Portugal - PRESENTATION


10:15h – 10:20h Signature of Programme Implementation Agreements AdaPT


Setting the Scene - Policy Responses to Adaptation 

11:00h – 11:20h European Adaptation Strategy

 Rosário Bento Pais; European Commission - DG CLIMA, Belgium - PRESENTATION


11:20h – 11:40h Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

 Demetrio Innocenti; United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - PRESENTATION


11:40h – 12:00h Facilitating Climate Change Adaptation in Europe

 Stephane Isoard; European Environment Agency, Denmark - PRESENTATION


12:00h – 12:30h Q&A for Presenters 

12:30h – 14:00h Lunch 


Setting the Scene - Challenges and Opportunities in Water and Climate Change 

14:15h – 14:35h Water in National Adaptation Strategies in Europe

 Rob Swart; Alterra Wageningen UR, Netherlands - PRESENTATION


14:35h – 14:55h Resource & Economic Efficiency in Water Distribution Networks in the EC

 John Maguire; Solventa - Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources, United Kingdom - PRESENTATION & REPORT


14:55h – 15:15h Water and Climate Change Adaptation: Policies to Navigate Uncharted Waters

 Kathleen Dominique; OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - PRESENTATION


15:15h – 15:45h Q&A for Presenters 

15:45h – 16:15h Coffee Break


16:15h – 16:35h Uncertainty in Decision Making Processes

 Patrick Pringle; UK Climate Impacts Programme, United Kingdom - PRESENTATION


16:35h – 16:55h Climate Impacts on the Hydrological Cycle

 Arni Snorrason; Iceland Met Office, Iceland - PRESENTATION


16:55h – 17:15h Including Insurances in Municipal Adaptation Planning

 Mia Ebeltoft; Finance Norway (Association for Bank and Insurance) - PRESENTATION


17:15h – 17:45h Q&A for Presenters 


08th october 2013

09:15h – 09:30h

Group Session I - Water-related National Challenges

1. Droughts and Water Scarcity

Managing Water in a Changing and Uncertain Environment

Rodrigo Proença de Oliveira; ENAAC-RH - PRESENTATION

The Green Deserts - Waterbox

Sven Kallen; Transfer Latin Business Consultancy - PRESENTATION

Group Discussion - CONCLUSIONS


2. Floods and Landslides

Flood Risk Mapping in Portugal

Pedro Garrett Lopes; Centre for Climate Change Impacts Adaptation and Modelling - PRESENTATION

Flood Risk Mapping in Norway

Hege Hisdal; Norwegian Water  Resources and Energy Directorate - PRESENTATION

Group Discussion - CONCLUSIONS


3. Storm Surges and Coastal Erosion 

Coastal Erosion and Climate Change: the Portuguese Case

Rui Taborda; Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal - PRESENTATION

Storm Surges and Coastal Erosion and Their Social-cultural Dimension. A Perspective from Coastal Regions in Germany

Grit Martinez; Ecologic Institute, Germany - PRESENTATION

Group Discussion - CONCLUSIONS


10:30h – 11:00h Coffee Break


Group Session II - Adaptation Policies and Practices

4. Cities

The “Cities for the Future” Initiative in Norway (Case: Bergen)

Eva Isager; Cities of the Future – Bergen, Norway - PRESENTATION

Managing Urban Water Cycle

Barbara Anton; ICLEI International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, Germany - PRESENTATION

Group Discussion - CONCLUSIONS


5. Agriculture

Agriculture and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Czech Republic

Zuzana Harmackova; Science Academy of the Czech Republic - PRESENTATION

The Alqueva Irrigation Project

Ana Ilheu; CEO EDIA Company for Development and Infrastructure of Alqueva, Portugal - PRESENTATION

Group Discussion - CONCLUSIONS 


6. Coastal Infrastructure 

Coastal Infrastructure in Portugal

Raquel Castro Silva; Faculty of Engineering of the University of Oporto, Portugal - PRESENTATION

Sand Motor Concept NLD

Dick van den Bergh; Deltares, Netherlands - PRESENTATION

Group Discussion - CONCLUSIONS


Field Trip - Summary report

I - Soil Conservation; Warining Systems for Fire and Drought; Adaptation of Forest to Climate Change


II - Irrigation; Water Efficiency in Agriculture; Biodiversity


III - Water Treatment and Supply;  Water Supply and Climate Change; Monitoring Vector Borne Diseases


09th october 2013

Beyond National Borders 

09:00h – 09:25h Geopolitical Impact of the Arctic Ice Melt

 Rune Rafaelsen; Norwegian Barents Secretariat - PRESENTATION


09:25h – 09:50h Global Food Security and Climate Change

 Hélder Muteia; FAO Representative Portugal - PRESENTATION


09:50h – 10:15h Transboundary Water Management: Danube

 Raimund Mair; International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River - PRESENTATION


10:15h – 10:30h Q&A for Presenters

10:30h – 11:00h Coffee Break


Closing Session 

11:00h – 11:20h The New IPCC Assessment Report

 Rajendra Pachauri (Video); Head of IPCC - PRESENTATION


11:20h – 12:40h Conference Closing Pannel - a Civil Society Perspective

Ricardo Garcia; Público, Portugal

Francisco Ferreira; Quercus, National Association for Nature Conservation, Portugal

Tuva Nodeland; Caritas Norway

Questions adressed


12:40h – 13:00h Closing Address

 Paulo Lemos; Secretary of State of Environment, Portugal - PRESENTATION


 Thank you to the EEA organizers

 Thank you to the APA organizers