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[Publications] Launch of two new books: "Climate change Adaptation in Practice" and "European climate vulnerabilities and Adaptation"

Inpired by the BaltCICA project that was able to develop applicable climate change adaptation measures, parts of which are currently being implemented, it was launched two relevant publications.

Climate Change Adaptation in practice - From strategy development to implementation. 327p. - This book provides a comprehensive overview of key elements required for effective analysis and assessment of climate change impacts, such as economic cost-benefit analysis, communication processes and creation and transfer of knowledge. The over-regional and interdisciplinary cooperation conducted in the BaltCICA project has led to the implementation of climate change adaptation in several case studies, all of which are presented in this book. Key issues are coastal protection, floods and groundwater availability and quality; but also other issues important for local climate change adaptation are analyzed.

European climate vulnerabilities and adaptation: A spatial planning perspective. 330p. - This book assesses regional climate change impacts and vulnerabilities. The assessment covers continental EU as well as some associated states. The methodology goes beyond assessments conducted so far, as the focus is not only on climate change impacts but also on adaptive capacities to determine regional vulnerabilities. The methodology was developed and applied for the European scale, and tested and refined in several case studies at local level.

More information: HERE