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Support to the development of the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change [EUAdaptStrat]: Final reports available online

Two publications have been prepared in support to the development of the EU Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and its related Impact Assessment (Acronym: EUAdaptStrat), commissioned by the European Commission, DG Climate Action.

The background report Part I presents a comprehensive compilation about all aspects of relevance for the preparation of the Impact Assessment to the EU Adaptation Strategy.

 ·         Background report to the Impact Assessment, Part I – Problem definition, policy context and assessment of policy options

The background report part II presents an overview of the stakeholder involvement activities (January-October 2012) and a summary of the main outcomes as well as the analysis of the "Consultation on the preparation of the EU Adaptation Strategy" which was open from May to August 2012 on the website "Your Voice in Europe".

·         Background report to the Impact Assessment, Part II – Stakeholder Involvement