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International Conference on Regional Climate Adaptation and Resilience - Towards climate adapted and resilient regions

24 - 25 February 2014

We want regional Climate Adaptation and Resilience!

Dealing with climate change impacts is one of the great challenges of the 21st century and its importance is only just being discovered. The
challenges arise from uncertainties in climate change and its impacts, from the long time-horizon, from regionally widely varying vulnerabilities, and
from a lack in public awareness. Notwithstanding the challenges of adapting to climate change, the long time horizon and the inherent uncertainties
suggest to adopt a wider frame of reference for adaptation. When systems are redesigned to be adaptive to climate change, it seems wise to design them better adapted to uncertainty and surprise in general: i.e. to make them more resilient. Therefore, the conference seeks to foster an exchange between the discourses on resilience and adaptation to climate impacts.

Corresponding to the necessity of gaining profounder knowledge of local and regional contexts of adaptation, the conference puts a particular focus on regional approaches and strategies identifying similarities and differences. Recently, numerous regional climate change adaption strategies and measures have been developed. Regional adaptation to climate change impacts depend on localized assessments of vulnerabilities and regional capacities to develop and implement necessary measures. Thus, the conference will bring together experiences from different regions and strives to develop lessons for other regions.

The scientific sessions will be arranged around three main topics:

*       Analysing impacts and assessing vulnerabilities
*       Designing and testing solutions for climate adaptation and resilience
*       Implementing climate adaptation and paths to a resilient future

What we have done: ‘nordwest2050' - Climate adaptation and resilience in northwestern Germany

Over the past five years the transdisciplinary project ‘nordwest2050' has developed methods, strategies and implemented projects to face changing
climate conditions in northwestern Germany. Based on experience and findings from various actors involved (science, economy, politics and public
administration) we arrange this conference to discuss regional methods and strategies as pathways to a resilient future. Therefore, a second stream of the conference will set the focus on regional adaption strategies and innovative solutions. The experience of ‘nordwest2050' resulted in recommendations for regional decision makers summarized in the "Roadmap of Change" - a strategy plan for a climate-proof and resilient region. This Roadmap will also be presented during the conference.

Who should attend?

The conference is open to all relevant contributions. We are especially inviting contributions on successful socio-economic and socio-technical
innovations from coastal regions (call for papers will follow soon on our website).

We are not only inviting scientists but also Business representatives - Public administrators - Politicians (local, regional and national) and
Representatives from Non-governmental Organizations! 

What you will learn about!

Research findings from various projects - Analytical methods for assessing vulnerabilities - Hands-on technical and social innovative solutions to cope with climate change - Long-term strategies and action plans for climate adaptation - Roadmaps towards a resilient future


Venue: Bremen, Germany