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CIRCLE-2/EEA Experts Meeting on 'National Adaptation Platforms'

19 of June, 2013

The past years national climate change adaptation platforms have been continued or launched in many EEA member countries, with some common elements but also some differences regarding objectives, types of contents, governance and target audiences.

There is an increasing interest to exchange experiences about managing these existing national web-based platforms on climate change adaptation, to learn lessons from these and discuss possible next steps for further development.

The overall objectives of the meeting are:

- To exchange experiences about managing existing national web-based platforms on climate change adaptation

- Learn lessons from these and discuss possible next steps for further developing these and the complementary European Climate Change Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT).

The meeting is targeted at member countries which have an existing climate change adaptation platform, and is held in collaboration with the EU FP7 CIRCLE-2 ERA-NET project (

The specific objectives of the meeting are as follows:

- Opportunity for countries to present their platforms, the main challenges and the development plans.

- Opportunity for countries and the EEA to learn from each other (e.g. visibility, engaging with the audiences, evaluation of the platform) and explore relationships with each other and Climate-ADAPT

- Need to look at and explore synergies and associated challenges (horizontally and vertically)

- Understanding the adaptation platform landscape across Europe (e.g. scope and objectives, audiences, governance), sharing experiences and lessons learnt, and the main challenges. - Identify follow-up activities by EEA and/or CIRCLE2.


Vennue: Copenhagen, Denmark

Agenda: HERE

CIRCLE2 in collaboration with EEA, is organising a follow-up workshop on "Adaptation Platforms in Europe: Addressing challenges and sharing lessons" on 7/8 November (Vienna), see: