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Vision / Objectives

CIRCLE-2 ERA-Net Vision

  • To coordinate European transnational research funding on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation (CCIVA) and to facilitate the transfer of research outcomes that European and national decision makers need to design effective yet economically efficient Adaptation initiatives and strategies.
  • To share experiences and lessons learnt on CCIVA research funding and management and on the development of national and regional Adaptation practices.
  • To encourage international cooperation with non-European countries and organisations as well as the involvement of countries with less diverse CCIVA research programmes.

CIRCLE-2 ERA-Net Objectives

  • Establish a research funding network oriented towards Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation (CCIVA) policy-relevant questions.
  • Facilitate cooperation among Europe's national and regional CCIVA research programmes and their funders/managers.
  • Promote a common strategic agenda on relevant CCIVA research areas and coordinate it with European framework programmes, policies and objectives.
  • Design and Fund joint initiatives and joint calls for transnational CCIVA research proposals on identified knowledge gaps or needs.
  • Share knowledge and support European countries in their efforts to adopt appropriate climate Adaptation strategies, action plans and measures.
  • Optimise national and European investments on CCIVA research by increasing the effectiveness of its funding and maximising the policy-relevance of its outcomes.