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CIRCLE-2 INFOBASE reaches new record of submitted Adaptation projects!

During the last year (phase 3), approximately 70 projects were updated in the European InfoBase of Climate Adaptation projects (e.g. relevant outcomes) and around 500 projects were submitted to the InfoBase (where a total of approximately 300 were validated in the quality control process).

This effort was specially leaded by Spain, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria and Norway that contributed with most of the new projects in the InfoBase!

These projects and their contents will be analysed in the CIRCLE-2 report "Climate Adaptation Research in a Larger Europe: an analysis at local and national scales" and the preliminary findings will be released in March 2013.

If you are aware of any Climate Adaptation research projects finalised after 2005, at national and local levels, in your country that are not yet included here, please insert a new record that will be made available after reviewed by CIRCLE-2 members. (