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Future Research Leaders Forum on 'Societal Transformation in the face of Climate Change: Promising Research Directions'

17th and 18th of June 2013

Shaping the European Research Agenda

Given the multiple interrelations between societal responses to climate change, other globalchange processes as well as additional societal and environmental mega‚Äźtrends, research onsustainable transformations of society is an inherently interdisciplinary endeavour. Given thenormative underpinnings of the formulated need for sustainable transformations,transdisciplinary research and action is needed to understand, develop and implement socialand economic responses to climate change. Setting a European Research Agenda for betterunderstanding societal transformations under a changing climate calls for the activeparticipation of decision-makers and knowledge-users in society, international researchleaders and in particular the research leaders of tomorrow in order to contribute theirinsights, visions and promising ideas.

This Open Space workshop aims to contribute to the priority setting in the strategic researchagenda of JPI CLIMATE as a basis for future pan-European research programmes in the fieldof climate change research.

The workshop is organized by JPI CLIMATE in cooperation with the Oslo TransformationConference 2013 and supported by the Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency and theResearch Council of Norway.    


Aims and scope of the workshop

The workshop brings together selected junior researchers that are active on the interface of socialsciences and humanities (SSH) and climate change research and who - as Future Research Leaders -are considered to shape SSH transformation research. The workshop aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • to define research priorities at the interface of SSH and climate change research, including viewsof researchers working on the interface of natural sciences and SSH;
  • to identify innovative and promising research directions, including ideas and approaches, and
  • to facilitate networking and community building among the research leaders of tomorrow.    

Call documents: Here