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Call for Abstracts for Impacts World 2013 -IMPACTS WORLD 2013 - The International Conference on Climate Change Effects

The Impact World 2013 Conference is calling for abstracts and launched two annoncements: 1) Impacts World2013 conference and
2) Modelling agenda side event (ISI-MIP)

1) Impacts World2013 conference

The conference aims to develop a new vision for climate impacts research by laying the foundations for regular, community-driven syntheses of climate change impact analyses. It will bring together leading scientists and decision makers from local to international levels. more

A broad array of scientific knowledge about the impacts of climate change has been gathered over the last decades. Yet, in many respects it remains fragmentary, and a quantitative synthesis of climate impacts, including consistent estimates of uncertainties, is still missing.

In light of the great wealth of existing knowledge and continuous need for policy-relevant research results, our community is perfectly placed to combine our individual contributions to initiate a coordinated climate impact research agenda.

IMPACTS WORLD 2013 is a discussion-based conference designed to tackle five fundamental challenges:

1. Can we integrate our existing knowledge across sectors?

2. How certain are we?

3. What is still missing?

4. How do we bridge the divide between regional and global impact studies?

5. Is anybody listening?

Deadline for Call for Abstracts

We would like to remind you that the Call for Abstracts will close on 15 Dec 2012. Please note that Impacts World 2013 is a discussion based conference, and submitting an abstract is a necessary step in the registration process.

Link to Abstract Submission & Registration
Link to Call for Papers



We warmly invite you to participate in the planning of the next phase of the 
Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project at a side event to the 
IMPACTS WORLD 2013 conference to be held in Potsdam 27 - 30 May, 2013. 
This next phase will integrate regional and global impact models to generate state-of-the-art cross-sectoral and cross-scale projections of climate change impacts, specifically aimed at answering the most pressing research questions that will be identified during the conference.

Please read the full invitation which contains further details about the side event as well as a questionnaire about your model. In case you are interested in the process but are unable to attend theISI-MIP side event, you can also send your response to the questionnaire via email to by 1 March, 2013.

For registration to the Modelling Agenda Side Event (ISI-MIP) please follow this link.