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First edition of the CIRCLE-2 "Climate Adaptation Research in a Larger Europe: an analysis at local and national scales" - Executive Summary available

The Executive summary of the first synthesis report entitled “Climate Adaptation Research in a Larger Europe: an analysis at local and national scales”, developed by CIRCLE-2 on the basis of the CIRCLE-2 Climate Adaptation INFOBASE ( is now available.

Its expected that such analysis will give some insights on the CIRCLE-2 INFOBASE contents and possible use. For example:

  • Did you know that observations and scenarios are still the main research focus of national adaptation projects across Europe?
  • Which research sectors do you think have the greater number of projects: agriculture and forests or marine biodiversity?
  • Does the information on Climate Adaptation research in your country in the CIRCLE-2 Climate Adaptation INFOBASE corresponds to your expectations?  Two further updated editions of the report are foreseen within CIRCLE-2 lifetime (2014), which will involve more detailed and comprehensive analysis, considering the development of the INFOBASE itself and feedback from intended users.


If you are aware of interesting Climate Adaptation projects in your country that are not yet included, please insert a new record or provide this information to the project team: Updates to previously recorded projects can be done in the respective project detail page.


If you have any query or suggestions, please contact the CIRCLE-2 Coordination team at


Please Download the Executive Summary HERE.