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BiodivERsA ERA-Net will launch a Pan-European Call for research proposals on: Ā«Invasive Species and biological invasionsĀ»

BiodivERsA will launch a pan-European Joint Call for research proposals on Invasive species and biological invasions with a focus on alien invasive species, planned to be launched in early November 2012, with a pre-submission date of December 2012, and a full proposal submission date in mid-February 2013.

This call reflects the high priority of this topic for the partners along its importance identified in many international research strategies and policies. Indeed, invasive species are rapidly spreading in time of globalisation practices as well as of climate and environmental changes. The impact of these species' spread is still poorly understood. We need more information on their current and future statuses, associated mechanims and drivers, and their impacts over the short and long-terms.

Addressing this issue should mobilise a large range of natural sciences as well as social sciences. Indeed, collaboration within crossdisciplinary teams is often needed to properly understand and ultimately propose guidelines to respond to the adverse effects of biological invasions on ecosystems and socio-ecosystems. We expect the results of such research to be of high relevance for policy makers who need to address the issues associated with invasive species.

The research proposals will be evaluated across criteria of scientificexcellence and policy relevance. It is also expected that the pan-European dimension of the projects will provide added value to theresearch carried out.

Countries that expressed a preliminary interest in participating in thecall (i.e. with funding available) are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France,Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.

This pre-announcement will be updated regularly on the BiodivERsAweb site (