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Course 2012: “Understanding and Adapting to Climate Change in Mountain Areas”

8th to 17th of July

Since 2008 the IPROMO programme is contributing to enhance knowledge on mountain conservation and development issues, with a specific focus on climate and global changes, encouraging cross-regional cooperation among high level technicians and decision makers involved in promoting sustainable mountain development in their own regions.
The fifth edition of the IPROMO Course "Understanding and Adapting to Climate Change in Mountain Areas" will be linked to the Strategic Initiative on Mountains and Climate Change (SIMCC)  which is a joint initiative of the World Bank, FAO, ICIMOD and UNEP in the context of the Mountain Partnership. This Strategic Initiative, recognizing that mountain regions are among the poorest and most underdeveloped areas in the world, aims at:

  • Enhancing awareness about climate change impacts and development challenges in mountain regions at the international/regional levels and about the related international processes.  
  • Promoting capacity building for politicians, scientists, and practitioners as regards to climate change adaptation in mountains and negotiations in international fora.

Venue: Italy