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Inspiration Book - The Idea


More information about the Adaptation Inspiration Book

To bridge the gap between scientists, policy makers and project officers working on adaptation and on the other hand professionals, scientists and lay people who may never have heard from the term, CIRCLE plans to produce an inspiration book with good practices of implementation of adaptation strategies and projects in Europe.

The Adaptation Inspiration Book should be provocative, bold and inspirational. Adorned with images, movie, and other material the Inspiration Book will serve as an example of what adaptation to climate change looks like, how adaptation can improve the quality of the environment, create economic opportunities and improve sustainability of the environment while at the same time climate proofing it. 

The project started in July 2010 and will be presented at the International Climate Change Conference in Hamburg in Spring 2013.


Target group

This Inspiration Book will not only provide inspiration to all practitioners at regional and local level working on adaptation to climate change, but also provide policy makers, researchers and governments with a feel of the possiblities of adaptation across the continent.








Adaptation project criteria 

1.       Climate adaptation. The project should result in adaptation of an area or of a group of people to the effects of climate change. Climate change might or might not be the driver for the project, as long as the effect is that the area or the people are better able to handle effects of climate change than before.

2.       Actual implementation. The project should have passed the drawing board and be implemented or finished. In other words, if the adaptation measure is physical (ie a dike or water retention area) one should be able to take a photograph of the measure.

3.       Innovation. The adaptation options identified should not be marginal, incremental improvements of an existing situation, but an inspiring creative, innovative or even radically new solution that improves the quality of the project area or sector. This could be reinventing old practices, such as the Dutch ‘terpen' (raised areas in the landscape) or building new broad dikes.


Aspects that will determine success of the Adaptation Inspiration Book are the personal motivation of the persons approached to provide the information and the availability of information and visualisations of the project.

  • Personal motivation. To include the project in the inspiration book, an enthusiastic contact person from the project is needed. This person must be willing to providing time for interviews, help in translation of local-language background materials, provice image and photo materials, etc.
  • Availability of information. Detailed information about the project should be available:
    • High quality (300 dpi), professional photographs, 3D-images, videos, artist impressions, audio tapes, etc.
    • Short, boldly formulated project description (stakeholders, description of measure), that stresses each project's particularly inspiring and innovative traits
    • Costs and benefits (table)
    • Description of adaptive effect and how climate change (including uncertainties) have been taken into account
    • Short interview with end user or stakeholder



Marjolein Pijnappels |