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CIRCLE-2 Climate Adaptation INFOBASE - New projects available!

The CIRCLE-2 Climate Adaptation INFOBASE Phase 2 is now concluded. During PHASE 2, the INFOBASE received about 500 national Climate Adaptation (including Impacts and Vulnerability) research and applied projects, finalised after 2005, that are now on-line at the CIRCLE-2 INFOBASE, after submitted to the QA/QC process where 257 projects were rejected.

The CIRCLE-2 INFOBASE has now an universe of 710 projects in nine sectors and five categories, that are in accordance with the EU White Paper on Adapting to Climate Change. These project will be analysed by a CIRCLE-2 group of experts and a special Analysis Report will be launched in June 2012.

All the projects are available in the CIRCLE-2 INFOBASE:

Due to the high interest on the INFOBASE from different institutions, the 3rd phase is already starting and if you didn't have the opportunity to insert projects until now, or if you have new projects to upload, you can do it through the "Insert new projects" option in the CIRCLE-2 INFOBASE.