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VALUE International Conference - End User Needs for Regional Climate Change Scenarios

7 - 9 March 2012

The End User Needs for Regional Climate Change Scenarios International Conference will be held in Kiel, Germany, from 7 to 9 March 2012. The conference will be the scientific kick-off for the new COST Action ES1102 "VALUE" on validating and developing downscaling methods for climate change research and adaptation.

An integral part of the EU COST Action VALUE is to initially adjust the scientific programme to end user needs. The conference aims to discuss different requirements of different end user communities, such as impact modellers, environment agencies, health authorities or politics. The VALUE working groups will then synthesise this information and adjust their science plan accordingly to ensure the best usability of their results and optimally tailored products for the end users of regional climate change simulations. The conference will be an ideal opportunity for those who would like to liaise with VALUE or simply would like to ensure that downscaling methods will be developed in a useful direction. 

The particular questions to be discussed will include

  • which variables are of interest for end users of climate change simulations?
  • which aspects of these variables (mean, extremes...)?
  • which climatic regions?
  • which time scales?
  • what is the required accuracy?


Presentations about downscaling methods and their validation are welcome as well. The conference will feature oral sessions and a poster session. 


Registration and abstract submission:

Registration and abstract submission is by email: value2012[at] until 31 January 2012.

The number of participants will be limited to 70, selected on a first-come-first-serve basis. Registration fee is required.


For more information see


Venue: GEOMAR (Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research), Kiel, Germany