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UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2012 - New publication

The CIRCLE-2 partner DEFRA has just published the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) on 25 January 2012, the first assessment of its kind for the UK and the first in a 5 year cycle.


The CCRA has reviewed the evidence for over 700 potential impacts of climate change in a UK context. Detailed analysis was undertaken for over 100 of these impacts across 11 key sectors, on the basis of their likelihood, the scale of their potential consequences and the urgency with which action may be needed to address them.

Producing the CCRA has involved a high degree of consultation and review. The outputs provide an evidence base that can be used by central Government and Devolved Administrations in identifying priorities for action and appropriate adaptation measures that will be required to minimise risks to our economy, environment and society.

Although the primary customer for this work is central Government and the Devolved Administrations, the outputs from the CCRA are also of value to other public and private sector organisations.


To download the reports, go to: