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CIRCLE NORdic project CARAVAN has been finalized and a mapping tool is now available!

CARAVAN was a research project that ran from June 2008 to April 2011, with the full title: "Climate change: a regional assessment of vulnerability and adaptive capacity for the Nordic countries". The main aim of CARAVAN was to undertake a comparison of approaches for estimating regional vulnerability to climate change in the Nordic region.

Vulnerability is a function of exposure to climate change, sensitivity to its effects and adaptive capacity for coping with the effects. These elements were examined in the project, with indicators being developed in collaboration with regional stakeholders for future periods out to 2050. The indicators can be combined in various ways to describe vulnerability using an interactive mapping tool. Indices of vunerability can be derived at municipality scale and mapped across the Nordic region.

One of the outputs of the project is an online mapping tool that can be used to explore different aspects of vulnerability to climate change in the Nordic region.

See mapping tool: HERE