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Report and presentations of the CIRCLE-2 session on Adaptation Strategies at the 2011 EMS/ECAM Conference.

CIRCLE-2 and the Slovenian Environment Agency co-convened a session on “Climate Adaptation Strategies” during the last 11th EMS Annual Meeting / 10th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology (ECAM), on 12-16 September 2011, in Berlin, Germany.

The participants had the opportunity to share and discuss their experiences with National and regional Adaptation Strategies and on how CCIVA issues are being addressed across European countries from the National to the local level.

The session report and presentations are now available here 


Conference website here.    

Programe: Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011

Room: Princeton

Chairperson: T. Capela



Matteo Rini: European Overview on Adaptation efforts related to the White Paper, EC DG CLIMA [DOWNLOAD]

T. Capela Lourenço, D. Avelar, and A. Gomes Climate Adaptation in Europe - The CIRCLE-2 Role (solicited) [DOWNLOAD]

M. L. Leitner, A. Prutsch and the ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2010 Team Guiding principles for adaptation to climate change in Europe [DOWNLOAD]

I. Schauser, A. Daschkeit, A. Vetter, and P. Mahrenholz The German Adaptation Strategy: lessons learnt at the science policy interface during the implementation process [DOWNLOAD]

P. Pringle, M. Gawith, and K. Lonsdale Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Adaptation Activities: Identifying Challenges to Find Appropriate Solutions [DOWNLOAD]

E. Vasileiadou, C. Betgen, I. de Hoog, M. Hisschemöller, and A.C. Petersen Adapting to extreme weather events: the importance of perceptions [DOWNLOAD]


Chairperson: T. Cegnar

A. Prutsch The role of stakeholder engagement in the making of the Austrian National Adaptation Strategy: Lessons learned (solicited) [DOWNLOAD]

R. B. Street, M. Gawith, K. Lonsdale, and P. Pringle Providing User-Informed Guidance to Support Adaptation Assesments and Policy [DOWNLOAD]

S. Kankaanpää Urban climate change adaptation in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area [DOWNLOAD]

M. Hagemeier-Klose, S. Hasibovic, and S. Deppisch The contribution of scenario-planning to research and practice of adaptation to climate change: Theoretical and practical findings from a case study in Rostock, Germany [DOWNLOAD]

Butzengeiger, Köhler, Stadelmann, and Michaelowa Policy instruments for the promotion of adaptation to climate change [DOWNLOAD]

T. Cegnar From words to deeds - a long and winding road [DOWNLOAD]