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Cooperation between CIRCLE-2 and PROVIA

CIRCLE-2 was represented at the PROVIA kick-off meeting last October, in Stockholm, to foster collaboration across both initiatives.


The Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (PROVIA) is a global initiative which aims to provide direction and coherence at the international level for research on vulnerability, impacts and adaptation (VIA). Launched with the support of leading scientists and decision-makers, PROVIA responds to the urgent call by the scientific community for a more cohesive and coordinated approach, and the critical need to harmonize, mobilize, and communicate the growing knowledge-base on VIA.

PROVIA and CIRCLE-2 share the common objective of creating the right synergies necessary to identify research gaps and policy needs in climate change VIA research.

Furthermore, CIRCLE-2 is assessing, together with its partner and contributing partner countries, the current and potential degree of transferability of CCIVA knowledge, data, methods and tools, from more experienced to less experienced countries and regions. This is carried out as part of Task 4.3 and CIRCLE-2 will continue to explore potential connections across our two initiatives.

PROVIA was established as a UN Joint Programme, with UNEP as the managing agent and WMO and UNESCO as sponsoring partners. More information on its objectives and initial work plan can be found at