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CIRCLE-2 SHARE Workshop "Climate Services"

CIRCLE-2 & JPI Climate organized a scoping Workshop on the "Processes for improving the interface between climate research and its application: sharing experiences on climate services development in Europe". The presentations are now available.


Tuesday, 08th November 2011

Opening and welcome by Host (Sergio Castellari) [DOWNLOAD]

Welcome by CIRCLE2 (Tiago Capela Lourenço)

Goals of the Workshop (Kirsten Hollaender/Dagmar Bley) [DOWNLOAD]


Session 1 “National experiences with Climate Services” (plenary) (Chair: Sergio Castellari)

J. Roger Street, UKCIP, UK: The UKCIP Experience: lessons learnt in developing and presenting climate information to support decision making [DOWNLOAD]

Reimund Schwarze/ CSC, D: The CSC experience in Germany: Lessons learnt and challenges ahead [DOWNLOAD]

Janette Bessembinder, KNMI, NL: Climate services in the Netherlands and the interaction with impact researchers and policy makers [DOWNLOAD]

Andreas Gobiet, Wegener Center Graz, A: The Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA) [DOWNLOAD]


Wednesday, 9th November 2011

Session 2: “Understanding User Needs” (plenary and parallel sessions) (Chair: Reimund Schwarze)

Hans-Martin Füssel, EEA EU Clearinghouse Mechanism on Adaptation and 2012 EEA Climate Change report [DOWNLOAD]

Rob Swart (Wageningen University and Research Center, NL): Outcome of IS-ENES Workshop on “Bridging Climate Research Data and the Needs of the Impact Communty” [DOWNLOAD]

Björn Weber, CSC Experiences from EU-Research Project “ECLISE” [DOWNLOAD]

Silvio Gualdi, CMCC Experiences from EU-Research Project: “ClimRun” [DOWNLOAD]

Discussions in Parallel Sessions.

Session A: Mechanisms for sustained user involvement

Session B: Enhancing the User Relevance of climate information


Session 3: “Research perspectives” (plenary) (Chair: Roger Street)

Short reporting back from the two parallel sessions [DOWNLOAD]

Summary and Discussion about future proceeding and activities

Lessons learnt.

Where to go from here?

Closure of workshop