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CIRCLE-2 / JPI Climate Scoping Workshop on Climate Services

8 November 2012

This workshop will bring together and interlink different communities in order to develop and optimize processes related to the application of climate and climate change research. A first step towards that aim is to get a better overview/inventory about already existing processes and initiatives. Therefore different experiences from initiatives aimed at enhancing development of climate services, with a special focus on mechanisms and processes for informed engagement of stakeholders/users shall be shared. 

Objectives: With the upcoming workshop we want to mark a specific effort to exchange process oriented experiences from practice. The scope is to establish a better overview about activities in the different countries, as the landscape is becoming ever more complex which makes exchange of knowledge at the same time more needed and more difficult. Different countries have different strengths in their approaches, and are at different stages of establishing sector specific knowledge. This workshop can outline also which countries have already experiences with specific sectors. 

Venue: Bologna Italy

Background Information & Agenda: HERE

Logistic Information: HERE

Programme Overview: HERE