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Policy Brief and presentations of CIRCLE-2 SHARE Workshop “From National Adaptation Strategies to concrete Adaptation Actions”

On October 20th, 65 experts (15% decision makers, 12% communicators, 36% researchers, 28% coordinators and 9% others) in the field of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) shared knowledge and experience gained “From National Adaptation strategies to concrete Adaptation Actions” in support of climate change adaptation policy, identification of research needs and opportunities for joint efforts in Vienna. The presentations are now available for download.

As output of the event (click here to see the event docs) it was produced two important documments:


Workshop SUMMARY report - [DOWNLOAD]


20 of October, 2011

Day 1


08:15 – 08:45                  Registration / Tea or coffee on arrival


MORNING_I:            08:45 – 10:45

                                 Duration: 1,75h / Chair: Sabine MCCALLUM


08:45 – 09:15                  Welcome Addresses

Michael STAUDINGER – Director Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, Austria (ZAMG). 

Georg REBERNIG – Managing Director Environment Agency Austria. 

Helmut HOJESKY – Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment & Water. 

Irene GABRIEL – Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research.


09:15 – 09:40                  CIRCLE-2 - Scope of the day and objectives

Ingeborg AUER (ZAMG) and Markus LEITNER (Environment Agency Austria).  (DOWNLOAD)


09:40– 10:15                   National Adaptation efforts

Helmut HOJESKY – Austria’s way towards a National Adaptation Strategy (Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment & Water). 

Sanna LUHTALA - Finish Adaptation Strategy (Finish Ministry of agriculture and forestry). (DOWNLOAD)

Petra MAHRENHOLZ – German Adaptation Strategy (Federal Environment Agency, Germany). (DOWNLOAD)

Margret DESMOND – Irish Efforts in Adaptation (Environmental Protection Agency Ireland). (DOWNLOAD)

Lorenzo CICCARESE - Linking biodiversity and climate change in adaptation strategies and plans (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research ISPRA, on behalf of the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea).  (DOWNLOAD)

Rob SCHOONMAN- Dutch Adaptation Strategy (Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, The Netherlands). (DOWNLOAD)

10:15– 10:45                    Adaptation Actions

Christine SCHWABERGER - “The adaptation action plan of the Province of Styria” – guidance for adaptation measures in the spatial planning instruments for urban areas. (DOWNLOAD)

Manfred J. LEXER - Forest management under climate change: developing adaptation strategies for the Austrian Federal Forests (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna). (DOWNLOAD)

Juliette DANIELS - Adaptation actions for London (London Climate Change Partnership). (DOWNLOAD)

Sten BERGSTRÖM – Examples of Lake Mälaren, how future sea level rise will hit Stockholm, together with ways to adapt to this, and the Göteborg/Lake Vänern problem. (DOWNLOAD)

Atila URAS – Selected Case form the CBA Grants Programme in Turkey (UN Joint Programme Manager). (DOWNLOAD)


MORNING_II:           11:15 – 12:30

                                 Duration: 1,25h / Chair: Sabine MCCALLUM


11:15 – 12:30                  Panel Discussion – From Policy and Science to practise

KICK-OFF PRESENTATION – Michael BÖCHER and Max KROTT – Professional Integration as missing link between science and political practice (University Göttingen, Germany). (DOWNLOAD).


AFTERNOON_I:        14:00 – 15:30

                                 Duration: 1,5 h / Chair: Markus LEITNER


14:00 – 15:30                  Splitting up in two Working groups

Working Group 1: Prioritization of impacts and adaptation actions.

Carlo CACCIAMANI - Activities of ARPA Emilia Romagna in the field of regionalization of climate change scenario and the definition of impacts on agriculture and other sectors of activities in Emilia-Romagna region (Hydrological-meteorological-climate services of the Regional Agency for Environment and Prevention ARPA-SIMC / Region Emilia Romagna, Italy). (DOWNLOAD)

Roland HOHMANN – From risk assessment to prioritization of adaptation measures (Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, Switzerland). (DOWNLOAD)

Marjolein PIJNAPPELS - Climate as an opportunity (KvK, the Netherlands). (DOWNLOAD)

Chair: Margret DESMOND (Environmental Protection Agency Ireland). 

Rapporteur: Roger STREET (UKCIP).



Working Group 2: Governance challenges (multi-level, multi-sector, multi-actor, cross-regional) of adaptation with focus on stakeholder engagement and communication

Anja BAUER & Reinhard STEURERThe governance of climate change adaptation in 10 OECD countries: challenges and institutional arrangements (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna). (DOWNLOAD)

Heiko GARRELTS - Adaptive governance issues in the research project "nordwest2050". (DOWNLOAD)

Torsten GROTHMANN - Challenges and recommendations for regional adaptation processes (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research -PIK). (DOWNLOAD)

Francesca GIORDANO - ACT- Adapting to Climate change in Time: towards local adaptation plans (National Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research ISPRA, Italy). (DOWNLOAD)

Chair: Anthony PATT (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis - IIASA, Austria).

Rapporteur: Katarina SÖDERBERG (Project Manager Climate Change Adaptation, County Administrative Board of Kronoberg, Sweden).


21 of October, 2011

Day 2


MORNING_III:          08:45 – 10:45

                                 Duration: 1,75h / Chair: Ingeborg AUER



09:15 – 10:45                  Splitting up in two Working groups

Working Group 3: Costs of Climate Change

Reinhard MECHLER – Extreme events: damage costs and costs of adaptation (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis - IIASA, Austria). (DOWNLOAD)

Alistair HUNT - Measuring the costs of adaptation on the European and national level (University of Bath, UK). (DOWNLOAD)

Sonja BUTZENGEIGER - Policy instruments and incentives for adaptation (Perspectives, Germany). (DOWNLOAD)

Ibon GALARRAGA - Contributions from economics of adaptation to decision making (bc³, Spain). (DOWNLOAD)

Chair: Martin KÖNIG (Environment Agency Austria).

Rapporteur: Olivia KOLAND (University Graz, Austria).


Working Group 4: Monitoring and Evaluation

Roger STREET - Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Adaptation Activities: Identifying Challenges to Find Appropriate Solutions (UKCIP). (DOWNLOAD)

Sanna LUHTALA – Experience and Evaluation of the Finish NAS. (DOWNLOAD)

David THOMPSON – Approach to assessing the UK´s Progress on Adaptation (Committee on Climate Change, UK). (DOWNLOAD)

Chair: Juliette DANIELS (London Climate Change Partnership).

Rapporteur: Bengt RYDELL (Swedish Geotechnical Institute). 


13:30 – 14:45                  Interactive Discussion – From NAS to action plans and adaptation Action


Ingmar JÜRGENS - European Overview - EU developments and Adaptation Strategy (EC/DG CLIMA). (DOWNLOAD)

Stéphane ISOARD - European Overview - Clearinghouse (European Environment Agency). 

Clemens HASSE - Experience with the identification of good practice examples. (DOWNLOAD)

Marjolein PIJNAPPELS and Marit HEINEN – CIRCLE-2 Adaptation Inspiration Book with good practices of implementation of adaptation strategies and projects in Europe. (DOWNLOAD)

14:45– 15:00                   Wrap up and closure